TRAGEN/ERTRAGEN, 2018 (collaboration w. Zuhra Hilal)

Tragen/Ertragen was created and developed in collaboration with artst Zuhra Hilal 


Absorption of a woman. When the body is too heavy to carry, the performance ends. 

Performance; PVC, fabric filling, plastic clips.

Duration: Approximately 240 min

 As a four-hour durational performance, Tragen/Ertragen slowly builds, as a woman rebuilds and shapes her body, taking on the exterior, by placing it on herself. The title of Tragen/Ertragen is a wordplay on the German words for ‘to carry’ and ‘to bear’, as both physical and emotional state.

 The female body is attached to the wall and hence to the gallery. She moves around by extension of a long cord, and has ability to move and choose direction, as long as she is able to keep her attachment untangled. The room is covered with fabric lying over the floor and running up the walls.. This is her safe space. The audience is able to step into the performance. They are asked to place plastic covers on their shoes. They are here to observe, and are able to get as close to the performer as they choose.

 As the body of the performer is filled up, the body becomes heavy to bear. Transforming to the surroundings, eventually so much so that movement ceases, and all performance ends.

 Tragen/Ertragen is the first piece by the collaborative duo Hilal and Bashida. Between them they leave an array of exhibitions, but found each other through a request of a commission. Their work communicates the perspective on the modern female body, through intense performance where the audience is given the ability to get close.

 Throughout the four hours on the night of the performance, the piece will be filmed as it unfolds, and a projection will be placed on the back wall on the next occurring exhibition days, making it possible for the audience to visit the habitat of the performance, while being able to view what took place in the same four hour duration as the piece itself.