Long Exposure of a Sex Act, 2013

Photography Inkjet print, audio, printed data, and data recording. 

Data, Truth and Beauty Exhibition, GV Art Gallery, London May 2013

The idea expanded from the discussion of the photographer, as either an 'inside' or an 'outside' operator. With research in psychology on the subject of intimacy, three elements were recorded in order to observe the couples having sex; a photographic long exposure, coordinate recordings of the couples movements, and sound recordings of the couples. 

The information recorded of the couples, question whether it is possible to record intimacy. For some of the couples, the devices became the initiator of the sexual act, for others it was limiting, as the dead devices left alone with the couples, became representatives of the observer. 

The recording of the act was set to 15 minutes, which is the standart duration for heterosexual couples. 

Long exposure, data recording and soundpiece of a couple -installed at GV Art, London