A Problem with Continuity, 2014

'Authority', photographic inkjet print

'I Can't Whistle', audio 4:07

'An Unbalanced Journal', booklet

Exhibited at University of Westminster Degree Show, T1 Truman Brewery, London June 2014

"Trying to be the same as everyone else, is the leap that kept me vanishing. The world of the organized is the opposite of mine. Actually, the truth is that I am not disorganized; there is an order to my chaos. The point is that taking a leap to the norm and medicate myself, was trying to put other's order into my chaos; but instead I took an extension of the leap. When a person has already fallen, left an imprint and vanished".

As an autobiographical memory from a dreamlike state, A Problem with Continuity explores a history of psychological diagnoses. Often given in times of turmoil, sometimes with prescriptive medicine, memories are hazy. These images have been an attempt to clarify what has happened: Memories from the age of 13 of being analyzed by a doctor, to reaching a final diagnosis at age 26. 

The booklet produced in extension to the exhibition, contained medical records, thoughts on the diagnosis process and images from a time of being ill from a "treatment" of Ritalin.